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We’ve all been in that situation. Your night out has lost it’s steam, you’re at a loose end. When you’re hit by the sudden urge to sing to a room full of strangers. So, the phones come out and after a few minutes of searching, you conclude it’s time to go home and sing a sad song all on your own.

This tragic scene is all too familiar for some. Karaoke lovers missing opportunities to sing. K-Js hosting to empty rooms. Venue owners losing out on revenue. was created to end this nightmare. To become a worldwide directory of karaoke nights, bars and private booths.

Karaoke is an escape from the seriousness of the daily grind, and for many, it is a refuge from the troubling and uncertain times in which we live. To step briefly into the shoes of a rock star or a legendary crooner, to express yourself through music, to pretend in front of a crowd of willing participants, free of judgment or prejudice, can be enough to turn a sour day sweet. 

So if you’re travelling to another town, another country or another continent, you’ll always be able to find somewhere to sing.

Promoting a Night

Promoting a karaoke night is hard. But it shouldn’t be. A huge number of people search for karaoke nights online but don’t get very far. As well as connecting customers with venues, one of the goals of this site is to become a resource for K-Js to help them run fun and successful nights. 

Adding a night to the site will not cause immediate success, it is easy, free and only take a couple of minutes. If you need help or inspiration, check out our guide.

Add a Karaoke Night

If you have tips or ideas that you think could help other K-Js, let us know. Contact us through social media, or email us

Featured Karaoke Bars

The only requirements for your night to become a ‘featured karaoke night’ is that you add at least one photo and write a good description of the event. 

After that we choose which nights become featured purely based on how good they look. This might change in the future, but for now that’s how it works. We do this to promote descriptive content on the site. 

Featured nights appear on city pages. Here’s Adelaide for example.

The Blog is also a blog, it’s mostly silly lists to help people pick songs to sing, but some of it is meant to be genuinely helpful. 
If you would like to write a blog post for this site, let us know.

How do we make money?

We don’t. But maybe one day we will.

Who is 'we'?

‘We’ is actually ‘I’. It’s only me, Cary Oakley, which isn’t even my real name. For professional reasons I choose to keep my love of karaoke anonymous. Although, I’m sure it wouldn’t make much of a difference. The important thing is that I enjoy karaoke and I know how to code. I am qualified to run this website.

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