Need ideas to spice up your karaoke night? Having a theme can give your night the edge, make it more memorable, and help spread the word. It’s much easier to promote a night with a theme. Patrons can be given freebies for wearing costume and for singing relevant songs. There’s so much possibility and fun to be had. Here’s our list of karaoke theme ideas to inspire you to up your k-game.

Decades - e.g. 80s 90s

Choosing a decade for your theme makes everything pretty simple. It’s a lot easier to dress as someone from the 90s than somebody from the bottom of the ocean, and the music is easier to pick too. Some of the more popular decades include 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s.

An Artist or Group - e.g. ABBA

Another popular and easy theme. Simply pick an artist or band. Our top recommendation - Abba, Beyonce, Michael Jackson. Or you can even take advantage of tragedy by choosing a recently deceased musician.


Holidays come with their own aesthetic, and many have songs that are written especially for them. Christmas, Halloween, Saint Patricks Day, Valentines Day are all pretty obvious ones. But there are a some you may not have heard of that you can squeeze into a theme. 

For instance, Star Wars Day (May 4th) only sing songs about space (see below). International Left Handers Day (13th August) only sing songs by Jimi Hendrix and other lefties. Hobbit Day (22nd of September) only sing songs by Kylie Minogue. Don’t forget Karaoke Day (May 10th).

For help finding more obscure holidays is a great resource.

Outer Space

Space, the final frontier. It’s a good look and can be used to coincide with some astrological, or astronomical event. Just as the Voyager spacecraft stole momentum from the inner planets to launch themselves through the solar system. You can give your karaoke night a gravitational assist by taking advantage of the next eclipse, rocket launch or planetary alignment.

Songs about space are easy to come by too. Such as ‘Age of Aquarius,’ ‘English Man in New York’ (“Whoa I’m an Alien!”) and basically anything by David Bowie.

Under the Sea

The ocean takes up about two thirds of the surface of planet Earth, yet barely 1% of karaoke nights have an under the sea theme. Everyday whales are killed, corals are bleached and fish are drowned, yet this injustice continues. Do your part. Paint yourself blue, roll in some glitter, slip into your flippers and sing “My Heart Will Go On.’


Turns out there’s a lot of songs about candy. Lollipop. Take you to the Candy Shop. The Candy Man. Probably anything by Katy Perry. You could even incorporate candy into your event, by eating it. Psst 3rd of November is Candy Day.

Country Music and the Old West

Dress up as cowboys, cowgirls, cow-people or just a cow. Sing your rootin’est tootin’est, cause a ruckus and get roostered. See, not only is it easy to dress and speak the part, there’s a whole genre of music to choose from.

What have we missed?

Let us know any good theme ideas we've missed out. We'll add it to the site.